Shark Tech

Go fast. Slide better. Ride on wet surfaces with incredible grip or cruise smoothly through gravel.

We reinvented the wheel. Literally.

FatTripleNot3dIt’s a wheel that comes from a cube:  the Shark Wheel shape is a perfect cube and a perfect circle and a perfect sine wave!FatTriple

The Shark Wheel geometry is the intersection of a cube and a sphere, a three-dimensional sine wave, a pattern found all throughout the natural world. It’s the shape of a shark’s jaw (there’s where the name comes from!) It’s also a better longboard wheel. David M. Patrick discovered the shape while studying natural sciences, and has since been developing the Shark Wheel to be a more efficient wheel with superior performance in many ways. The Shark Wheel offers a faster ride, more slide control, and better grip through rain and rough terrains. We reinvented the wheel. Literally.

Shark Wheel is dedicated to bringing you a more exhilarating ride with higher performance. Our wheels are 100% made in the USA.

The Shark Wheel feels perfectly circular when you’re riding, but looks like a square from the side when in motion. The snakelike pattern seems alive when rolling, and has more dynamic characteristics in every performance category. Inspiration meets innovation with the Shark Wheel design.

Click on the video below to see how they perform.



Discover Shark Wheel

The Shark Wheel Advantages:

1.  Faster.  The design allows for a thin contact patch touching the ground and therefore less rolling resistance, resulting in a quicker ride.

2. More grip and sliding control.  The alternating pattern equates to increased control — the width is increased, but the friction is decreased!  The sine wave design provides three lips per wheel for superior lateral grip.  A traditional wheel only has one.  When you want to slide, they break away smoothly and recover easily.

3.  More traction on varying terrain.  The sine wave pattern smoothly funnels any debris aside, instead of ‘steamrolling’ over it like traditional wheels, allowing for firm contact with the ground.

4. Perfect rain and gravel wheels.  The alternating pattern of grooves significantly reduces hydroplaning by channeling liquid, sand or gravel out and away from the surface of the wheel, allowing for a firm contact patch with the ground.  Also, the rounded outer edges allow soft terrain to pass around the outside of the wheel smoothly, providing more aerodynamic functionality through soft terrain.

5. Unlocked design potential.  The shape displays graphics and/or piezoelectric lights deep in the grooves on the face of the wheel.  A new canvas that never existed before is now available to customize.

6.  Fully customizable to rider preference. The interlocking sections lets riders mix and match different durometers (hardness levels) in each wheel, allowing for endless customization options and the ultimate ride.



7 thoughts on “Shark Tech

  1. I really like this new shark wheels. but I only have a 2 wheel skate. Do you think I could use them aswell?
    Greetings from Leonardo

  2. Hi there,

    I’m always game for new ideas and designs for skateboards to help improve etc which is why I recently switched over to bamboo. I like the idea of these Wheels but I’m just wondering when the 52mm wheels will become available?


  3. Are the wheels more for longboards? Seems like they wouldn’t be that great for street skateboarding. If so would your company consider a 50m wheel?

  4. Sorry to basically repeat what the others are asking but they look awesome, and are you going to make any smaller mm sized wheels anytime soon?

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